Sport & Activities


Every year the school takes part in Cork School Sports which is held in CIT during the last term. Preliminary races are held to select runners for the school team before this event. Each child in the school gets an opportunity to participate. The school also takes part in the Lisgriffen Sports competition. The school also organises various athletics initiatives such as Laps for Lent and Sprints for Summer.  



Each child from 1st to 6th attends swimming lessons in Mallow Swimming Pool. Swimming is always one of the most popular activities within the school for our pupils. The children are taught how to swim in small groups by trained instructors.  Our school takes part in the regional swimming gala in which a number of pupils get the opportunity to represent our school. 



Each year one of our classes complete a cycle safety course. This course teaches the children  how to check that a bicycle is roadworthy and how to use the road in a safe manner as cyclist. The pupils in the senior classes also completes a cycle tour around Ballyclough with the aid of the community Garda, staff and members of the community. 


Our school takes part in the annual soccer competition ran by Buttevant AFC. This is a competition that our pupils look forward to each year. Soccer is a very popular sport within our school, it is one that the pupils enjoy playing on a regular basis during their lunch breaks and is a sport that many of pupils play outside of school.