Health Promoting School

Health Promotion 

Teaching children the importance of health eating and good food habitats is very important. Our school reguarly take parts in Food Dudes campoaign for school. Food Dudes is an award winning curriculum-linked evidence-based healthy eating programme, developed to encourage children to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. It is based on repeated tastings of fresh fruit and vegetables, rewards and positive role models.

Our Health Committee is a  very active group. They promote healthy eating and occasionally they do a “lunch box check”.  On a number of occasions during the year, the Senior classes cook healthy food. Annually the Health Committee organise informative talks on nutrition and healthy eating.  During Active School’s week,  all the members of the Health Committee, both pupils and parents prepared delicious smoothies for all the pupils and in the Autumn they prepared soup for all the children with produce from the school garden.

Our garden ties in with our Health Promotion, the children get to see the process from start to finish, so they get to grow fruit and vegtables in the school garden and then get to eat.