My Second Class School Tour By Jack O'Shea


I was on the bus sitting with Jack. It was a long drive to Blackrock Castle. First we were made up into groups. We went into a room and watched about space . Next we went to the dungeons and saw where the cannons shot at the pirates.We went up to a castle and saw the River Lee .

Then we played games on computers I won 416 points . After that we went into a stardome and watched a grandad telling his grandchidren about earth . We went out for lunch . When we came in we made aliens with tinfoil and pipe cleaners . We then went to Cork City Goal. We saw many people that murderd other people. We also saw where the guards  stayed.

 Next we went to the Planet and played bowling. Our team was Davy, Colin, Sean, Luke, Cian and I and our final points were 578. We had good fun and went home .

By Jack O Shea

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