Halloween Stories

Hospital Halloween – by Rachel O’Leary

That was that I was spending my Halloween in hospital. I was really scared because I hear that people who stay in hospitals Halloween night get haunted by the recent patients. I tried telling the doctors “I was ok”. They always told me I had a concussion, so I could not leave.

It was the night before Halloween and the guards came to ask me what had happened. I told them I was going to my friends Lizzie’s. She was having a Halloween party. I was walking on the footpath when I heard a noise. I stopped to look around but there was none there so I kept going.

I reached Lizzie’s house and I was walking up to the door when I slipped on a banana peel and then I woke up in hospital with doctors surrounding me. The guard thanked me for my cooperation.

After the guard left I fell back asleep. I woke up and it was Halloween. I was really frustrated because I could not go trick or treating and I was stuck in this hospital bed for the last 5 days. I was tired, sick, and dizzy and scared because of the stories I heard about haunted hospitals.

My brother, sisters, mom and dad came to visit me. My little sister was already in her costume because she was so excited. My brother gave me a euro for the shop. My sister gave me a carved pumpkin. It was so cool. My mom and dad were talking to nurse’s which was very peculiar because one of the nurses’ winked at me.

My dad and mom told me they had a surprise for me and suddenly my friends all walked in the door. “Happy Halloween!” they shouted. They had all came to visit me. It was a totally awesome Halloween, maybe even the best one yet. In the end we all had cake and sweets.

The End.

Nightmare Realm – by Paddy Bowles

On Halloween night, Ronan, Dylan, Michael, Luke, Padraig, Eoghan, David and I went trick-or-treating in Mallow. We met a guy called Sammy. He was standing outside the Kentucky. He was handing out free tickets to Nightmare Realm. We took them but we were wondering if they were real. After about 10 minutes we came to a conclusion that they were real. We called a cab and went up to cork.

At 9:00pm we got to Nightmare Realm. We gave the tickets to the steward and hoped that they were real.

He let us in and we queued up. There were over 200 people lining up. 1 hour later we were at the front of the line. The steward asked us “are you ready?” We answered him “yes.” The doors opened and we entered.

The doors closed behind us. It got dark. Then about 30 seconds later the lights came on and there was no sign of Eoghan and Padraig. We ran away not caring about the other two.

We went through a door and there was a man waiting there.

David barged to the front of us and gave him a kick into the head. The rest of us ran away but the man caught David and threw him into a closet and locked it. We could hear David screaming “Get me out of here!”

There were only 5 of us left now. Dylan, Luke, Michael, Ronan and I. We started running down a hallway. Then we saw a man with a chainsaw and a hockey-mask. We turned around because he started chasing us. Ronan and Michael ran and never saw the trap-door in the ground and they ran straight into it.

They screamed and screamed and screamed but we kept on running. At the end of the hallway, there were 3 paths. Dylan took the left path, Luke took the middle path and I took the right path. We all took a different path by accident. We didn’t go back because the man with the chainsaw might be there. After 5 minutes of running, we all met up at the end because the paths all led to the same place. Dylan, Luke and I were panting heavily. Then Dylan suggested nervously “maybe we should go back in for them.” Luke and I agreed to leave them in there. We told Dylan and we never saw them again…

The End.

My Scary Halloween Encounter – by Aurora Daly Burke

It’s Halloween and the doorbell rings and I go to answer it. It’s probably trick-or-treaters. There at the doorstep stood some people dressed in costumes. There is a witch, vampire, ghost, zombie and a werewolf. They didn’t say anything; they just stood there on this dark, cold night. Their costumes look so real. It just looks amazing. There is something strange about them though.

They left minutes later, and I decide to follow them. They are heading in the direction of Mallow Castle. The moon is shining bright, as I hide behind one of the brick walls. The ghost is whooshing in and out of the castle wall, the werewolf is howling, the vampire is has turned into a bat and is now at the window’s edge. The witch is simply cackling, while the zombie is just moaning and groaning. I know now, that in fact they are real because I am staring at them right now and there is nothing fake about it. All a sudden, a thick fog hangs around me and I can barely see. Then I get a slight tap on my shoulder. I turn around, scared and there are a bunch of angry-looking people, which is the vampire, witch, zombie, werewolf and the ghost. I froze straight in the spot. All I could remember then is of them taking me somewhere but everything is a blank after that.

I wake up with a fright, but I actually find myself back at home again, thinking it was all one big dream, until my brother comes into the room, looking relieved.

“Where were you last night? You were gone for ages!”

Then it all comes rushing back to me. About everything, the witch, vampire, ghost, zombie and the werewolf. About me following them to Mallow Castle and they finding out I was there.

“Oh, nothing to worry about,” I said trying to cover up what really happened. My brother walks out, as I am stunned that everything I witnessed last night was real and not a dream. I am just happy that Halloween is over for this year, because I am exhausted, but maybe next year something stranger will happen to me, but one thing is for sure, I will never forget last night. It was the night I had a scary encounter with some major icons of Halloween.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

The End.

Lisgriffin bonfire – by Pádraig O’Brien

Today is the day before Halloween. The lads and I are going to make a field a war zone. We chose this field because it’s just outside the village. When we go trick-or-treating we go up the left and down the right. We have five bonfires. The whole village gave us loads of stuff to burn. Deady’s are even giving glass bottles. We have four of the corner bonfires finished. Now we only have to build the big bonfire in the centre. We have got fireworks ready to go.

It’s Halloween today! Today’s the day for fireworks, free sweets, bonfires, dressing up and carving pumpkins. We’re about to ring a doorbell when Ronan said “Lads, I smell smoke.” Then Dylan said “Yeah!” shaking his nose in the air. I looked toward the field and saw smoke rising from the field. We rushed to the field. When we got there we saw the Lisgriffin boys. Last year someone reported their bonfire and then it got taken away. Now they are after taking over our bonfire. Now this is war!

We went to Ronan’s house and we got our spud guns. We opened fire. Then it went quiet. They had run away. Then they came charging at us. We ran for the village because we can hide behind

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the local pubs. So I ran into Deady’s and climbed on top of the roof of a shed over the door. After a few minutes Ollie and Luke stood underneath me. They looked around and saw nothing. When they found nothing Ollie said “Come on, no one here. We’ve got that Ronan fella.” Straight away I got off the roof and went and got William and Damien to help us deal with the Lisgriffin boys. When I got them Dylan and Luke were missing as well. Damien said that we’ve got to get Jerome to help us. I went and showed William the bonfires while Damien rang Jerome. Damien just came off the phone when Dylan came up to us and said “It’s all over. Ronan and Luke are gone.” We went to Deady’s and said “They’re gone!” A moment later they came in the door. Phew!!!

The End.